Embark on a unique journey through Death Valley in a golf cart – the perfect blend of comfort and exploration. Discover the possibilities and consider golf carts for sale in Visalia, California, to kickstart your Death Valley adventures.

Effortless Exploration: Navigate Death Valley’s stunning landscapes effortlessly in a golf cart. From Badwater Basin to Zabriskie Point, experience the sights without the constraints of a traditional vehicle.

Eco-Friendly Excursions: Opt for electric golf carts to make your Death Valley adventure eco-friendly. Enjoy the silence of the desert and minimize your environmental impact as you cruise through this unique and arid landscape.

Panoramic Views: Golf carts provide an open-air experience, allowing you to soak in the breathtaking views of Death Valley. Feel the desert breeze as you absorb the beauty of this extraordinary natural wonder.

Sunset Safaris: Experience the magic of Death Valley at sunset with an evening golf cart ride. Capture the vibrant hues of the desert sky as you explore this captivating landscape in the fading light.

Rent or Own: Visalia offers options to either rent or own a golf cart for your Death Valley exploration. Tailor your adventure by choosing a cart that suits your preferences, whether it’s a short-term rental or a long-term investment.

Exploring Death Valley in a Golf Cart

Exploring Death Valley in a golf cart offers a unique and leisurely way to experience this stunning desert landscape. While it’s important to check local regulations and guidelines, here are some places in Death Valley, California, where you can take a golf cart:

  1. Badwater Basin:
    • Cruise through the vast salt flats of Badwater Basin, the lowest point in North America. The smooth terrain is ideal for a golf cart ride, allowing you to absorb the otherworldly surroundings.
  2. Artist’s Palette:
    • Drive your golf cart through the colorful hills of Artist’s Palette, where the mineral-rich rocks create a vibrant and surreal landscape. Enjoy the palette of hues while navigating this unique geological feature.
  3. Zabriskie Point:
    • Explore the panoramic views of the Amargosa Range and Furnace Creek from Zabriskie Point. The paved road leading to this iconic viewpoint is suitable for golf carts, providing a memorable ride with breathtaking vistas.
  4. Dante’s View:
    • Ascend to Dante’s View for a breathtaking panorama of Death Valley. While the road to the viewpoint is steep, electric golf carts with ample power can make the journey to enjoy the spectacular views.
  5. Furnace Creek Visitor Center:
    • Navigate the Furnace Creek area, including the visitor center and surrounding attractions, in your golf cart. It’s a convenient way to explore the facilities and learn about the unique features of Death Valley.
  6. Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes:
    • Experience the ever-shifting landscape of the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes in a golf cart. The flat and sandy terrain provides a smooth and enjoyable ride through this iconic dune field.
  7. Golden Canyon:
    • Take a scenic ride through Golden Canyon, known for its colorful rock formations. The well-maintained dirt road allows for a comfortable golf cart journey amidst the striking geological features.
  8. Scotty’s Castle Area:
    • Explore the area around Scotty’s Castle, an architectural gem in Death Valley. While the castle itself may not be accessible by golf cart, the surrounding roads offer a picturesque and historic drive.

Remember to respect local regulations, stay on designated roads, and prioritize safety when exploring Death Valley in a golf cart. Always check with park authorities or visitor centers for any restrictions or specific guidelines related to golf cart usage in the park.


Touring Death Valley in a golf cart is a one-of-a-kind adventure that combines comfort, eco-friendliness, and the freedom to explore at your pace. With golf carts for sale in Visalia, California, your Death Valley escapade is just a ride away. Unleash the explorer in you and embark on a memorable journey through the mesmerizing landscapes of Death Valley in a golf cart!

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